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Endpoint Management and Compliance Platform

Maximize your Security Posture with PEM

Holistic EndPoint Security for Vulnerability Management and compliance enforcement

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Promisec Endpoint Manager

The Challenge of Endpoint Security

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Multi Case Studies

First page – overview of many PEM uses and the possible use cases for each kind of worker in the org, have a graphic showing the hierarchy, you can click on each of the section to jump to that worker and the use cases/challenge that PEM solves for them

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Holistic Endpoint Security Management Solutions

Worldwide market leader for innovation in customer experience systems employing >17,000 people. Provides software/services in over 50 countries, >100 sites for customer billing, CRM, and OSS; including outsourced customer service and data center operations. Clients include global telecom suppliers, such at AT&T, BT Group, Sprint, and others.

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