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THREATX brings together a variety of cohesive intelligence to fingerprint attacking entities and track all entity behavior to bring context to an attack or suspicious looking traffic. Multiple detection strategies are automatically correlated in order to address all types of threats and build a complete view of risk, up to the second. THREATX can use this view of risk to take proactive action based on the risk and type of threat including blocking, active deception, tarpitting, and more.

A Unified AppSec Solution

A single platform to address the full breadth of application security including traditional OWASP attacks, bots and malicious automation, DDoS, and API-specific threats. Web Application Firewall

  • Web Application Firewall
  • API Security
  • Entity & Behavior Analytics
  • Attack Analytics
  • DDoS Protection
  • Bot Management
  • Managed Services
  • Attacker-Centric Analysis
  • Multi-Context Detection
  • Adaptive Enforcement and Action

Why THREATX is different

Attacker-Centric Security

Automated behavioral analysis, tracking, and active interrogation of attackers. Every behavior and event is correlated over time in attack context.

Talent on Tap

Our SOC team is your SOC team. Get access to industry experts when you need them and accelerate security operations while unburdening your team.

Full Security Context In Every Decision

ThreatX brings together all the industry’s best detection methods into a single risk engine to deliver simple, high-confidence results. Fewer alerts, more answers.

THREATX has built a new approach that transforms application security by making it


Drive high-confidence responses in real-time to protect assets while reducing the workload for


Easy, agentless deployment covers all apps and APIs including local, hybrid, and cloud apps without the need for an agent


Address all types of threats with a single solution including traditional exploits, bots, DDoS attacks and more.


Analyze and correlate every event in context and from multiple perspectives to give the most accurate results.

Built From the Ground Up for the Needs of Modern Application Security

The traditional approach to WAFs has proven it can’t keep up with the needs of modern security. Threats are only growing in diverse and complex attack methods. On top of that, organizations have hybrid environments that makes managing apps and APIs no small task.

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