Platform overview, benefits, and insight questions

Platform overview, benefits, and insight questions

Platform overview, benefits, and insight questions


Project Ares Overview


  • Project Ares is likened to "the Fortnite" for cyber security learning and training. The hands-on virtual environment puts the fun back into training with gamified elements like scoring and leaderboards (to spark healthy user competition), activity levels (to indicate upskilling progress), and in-game certificates of completion (to 'prove' skills expertise).

  •  The gamified cyber range training environment is an example of active-learning, which studies have shown can help increase information retention rates to 60-75%.

  •  Users can prepare for cyber certifications by building real skills in the Project Ares platform.

  •  Users of all cyber competency levels can benefit from Project Ares. We have high school students to the most sophisticated infosecurity engineers using the platform to learn and train.

  •  SMC customers will have smaller security teams / individuals who can’t leave for outside training due to resource restrictions or cost reasons. They need to have a flexible training option for these reasons. Often, SMC customers will have an employee with multiple responsibilities and needs to enhance their cyber skill sets (e.g. a professional responsible for back-ups, network admin, and security). There is a need and desire to have deeper knowledge of cyber practices as they are protecting corporate assets.

  •  Training on Project Ares was historically only available for the DoD, and is now accessible to commercial organizations…big or small.

  •  Everything cyber you can experience in the real world, you can experience in Project Ares:
    • Variety of current threat vectors, tools, & environments
    •  Red & Blue team exercises
    •  AI counters moves in real time
    •  Variability keeps training fresh
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  • Content mapped to NIST / NICE.

Insight Questions

  • How are you upskilling junior cyber personnel?
  • How is the cyber team staying current on the latest threats and attacks?
  • How are hiring managers assessing skillsets of prospective cybersecurity employees?
  • What methods do you employ to coordinate team response to cyber incidents?
  • How are you evaluating/measuring current employees, and providing professional development pathways?
  • How good is our team? What can we do to improve?

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