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Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training is an immersive, gamified cyber security learning platform that helps novice and seasoned cyber professionals keep their skills sharp against evolving cyber threats. Our Cyber Security Training delivers persistent, true-to-life experiences that match and adapt to current threats. The platform uniquely combines, single- and multi-player exercises, and offensive and defensive missions that mirror real-life scenarios.

What is the purpose of Cyber Security Training?

For Instructors and Educators:

Cyber Security Training is the LAB to get that hands-on, immersive experience
Foster hands-on keyboard practice
Focus on student learning

For Enterprise and Government Cybersecurity Trainers:

Reach preparedness goals
Foster hands-on keyboard practice
Hands-on scenario training

  • Key Benefits

    Cost-effective and persistent

    Increased learner retention

    Improved job performance

    Assess prospective employees

    Upskill existing employees

    Trainer view supports skills assessment

  • Delivers Unique Value

    Compelling back stories gamify cyber defence learning

    High-fidelity learning using functional virtual machines

    Offensive and Defensive missions that are modeled after real life scenarios

    Trainer view allows for real-time spectator or instructor engagement

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

Cyber security teams require persistent opportunities to practice skills and hone tactics. Cyber Security Training is designed to appeal to the learning style of the next generation. Users can progress through concept-driven learning games to skill-building battle rooms to team-focused missions to enhance competencies and address rapidly changing threats.

Skill & Tool Learning

  • Evolving Mission Library offers varied difficulty levels
  • Media Center houses educational videos and documents
  • Game-like activities help hone specific skill sets

Team Training

  • Trainer view to shadow or engage players in healthy competition
  • User performance is recorded and awarded by a showcase of skills, mission coins and badges

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning

  • In-game advisor “Athena” provides guidance in missions
  • Automated scoring of player actions gives objective assessment
  • Player actions drive models on best cyber tactics

Powered by Microsoft Azure

  • Secure cloud environment
  • Hyper-scalable and computationally elastic
  • Accessible learning 24x7

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