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  • 31-Jan-2022

Why Learning Linux Fundamentals in a Cyber Gym is Optimal

Are you ready to start that new year’s resolution? For many, resolutions mean losing weight and getting stronger by working out. If this is you, how have you decided to work out?

  • 20-Jan-2022

Empower your teaching with our Instructor Services

Cyber Security Training is an award-winning platform of hands-on cyber security labs that enhance competency-based education. For practical experience that is as true-to-life as it gets, Project Ares labs include authentic security tools in immersive scenarios on a cyber range.

  • 03-Dec-2021

6 Common Mistakes in the Cyber Security Training Gym

Is there a wrong way to “do the gym”? It’s probably not something we gym rats spend much time thinking about. (After all, we’ve got a lot to do between patting ourselves on the back for being there in the first place and squeezing our money’s worth out of that heaven-sent sauna.)

  • 03-Dec-2021

3 Ways to Use the Cyber Security Training “Group Workout” Rooms

Surrounding yourself at the gym with like-minded gym-goers who have common goals is super motivating! Whether your team works together to flip a giant tire through the mud or follow a guided yoga class, group workouts are a great way to tackle old exercises from a new perspective.

  • 03-Dec-2021

Cybersecurity Education: 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Career Pathway

The reality is self-evident: exponential advances in technology, the escalating complexity of systems, society’s increasing reliance on digital devices to manage daily tasks, and the global rise of significant threats posed by malicious actors ensures cybersecurity is here to stay.

  • 06-Jan-2022

How Gamification & Realistic Labs Bring Cybersecurity Teaching Within Reach

What if you could teach professional-level cybersecurity skills that focus on knowledge retention through hands-on learning? Would you like to empower and educate your students

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