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  • 22-Feb-2024

What is IP Reputation?

IP reputation is a measure of the trustworthiness of an IP address based on its past behavior. IP reputation is important because it is used by email filters, firewalls, and other security tools to identify and block potentially malicious traffic. An IP address with a good reputation is more likely to be trusted by these tools and allowed through, while an IP address with a bad reputation may be blocked or subject to additional scrutiny.

  • 16-Feb-2024

Phishing for Trouble, How Simulations and Training Shape Cyber Insurance

Guess what? While you were reading this sentence, another company just fell victim to a phishing attack." No, this isn't a punchline at a cybersecurity's the somewhat alarming reality of today's business world. Phishing—the art of deception where cybercriminals masquerade as trustworthy entities to lure victims into handing over sensitive information.

  • 12-Feb-2024

3 Steps to Prevent Email Invoice Fraud in Your Business

Struggling with email invoice scams can be a nightmare for any business. These devious schemes threaten your company's financial health and jeopardize your reputation. You're not alone in this fight; countless companies grapple with the challenge of distinguishing between legitimate invoices and fraudulent demands for payment.

  • 03-Feb-2024

3 Myths of Creating Phishing Simulation Testing Campaigns

The difference between safety and a data breach often hinges on a single email. But for IT and security teams juggling numerous tasks, creating effective phishing simulation campaigns often falls by the wayside. This oversight, however, can leave your organization vulnerable to sophisticated cyber-attacks. In this post, we delve into the world of phishing simulations, uncovering why cutting corners can be counterproductive and how you can efficiently bolster your defenses. In this post, we cover 3 of the common myths surrounding phishing simulation training campaigns.

  • 31-Jan-2024

Navigating the Future: How Co-pilot AI is Revolutionizing Email Security

In the digital age, where email is a cornerstone of communication, particularly in the business sphere, ensuring its security is paramount. The emergence of AI-driven solutions like Co-pilot AI represents a monumental shift in the cybersecurity landscape. This article delves into how Co-pilot AI is transforming email security, offering dynamic, sophisticated solutions to counter emerging threats.

  • 24-Jan-2024

How AI-Based Security is a Game Changer for SMBs

If you're a cybersecurity practitioner for an SMB, you know the drill. You're often a one-person army, juggling everything from hand-wringing desktop support to updating firewalls, onboarding new employees, and dealing with the aftermath of a DDOS attack. Your days are filled with navigating MSP portals for support tickets and sifting through quarantined messages in M365 or GWS, not to mention the false alarms from well-meaning employees. It's a constant battle to do more with less.

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