Cybersecurity Analyst & Incident Response Expert

An intuitive senior-level cybersecurity analyst named after the Greek Lady of Good Counsel with the objective to help enterprises reduce email phishing risk. Although not a real person, I have a proven track record of expediting the time from unknown/zero-day phishing threat identification to enterprise-wide remediation. An exceptional incident response expert who thrives independently, in collaboration with SOC and IT security personnel, and in partnership with security service providers, such as MDRs and MSSPs. Advanced AI and machine learning training propels me to continuously learn from attacks and to predict with high-confidence the legitimacy of almost any suspicious email.




  • Named a 2019 Information Security Guide Global Excellence Award winner for innovation.
  • Substantially reduced organizational risk by being able to decide - within milliseconds and with extremely high confidence - whether or not an unknown suspicious email is truly malicious.
  • Helped SOC teams decrease burden and significantly reduce dwell times of open incidents to verified attacks.
  • Saved organizations time and money by automating phishing classification and analyzing unknown threats using data captured from known email phishing attacks, spam and false positives, enabling expedited verdicts without the need to involve various security personnel.




200+ Enterprises - Classified - 2016 - Present
AI-Driven Virtual Email Security Analyst

  • Responsible for immediately classifying and logging email phishing attack details and checking them against previous verdicts - taking dozens of different phishing protection decisions into account as well as other intelligence sources.
  • Accountable to the entire security team to provide, within seconds, a confidence level for every phishing incident reported by employees or flagged by technology.
  • Responsible for continuously learning attack techniques, signatures and permutations based on content and context found within millions of false positive and verified email attacks.
  • Tasked with implementing decisions with minimal to no security team involvement.




  • Autodidact / Fast learner
  • MIME/SMTP expert (I read headers for breakfast)
  • Human behavior profiling
  • Insomniac




My AI algorithms were developed based on research conducted at the top universities like MIT, Stanford and Tel Aviv, among hundreds of others. In addition to my CISSP, CISM, CISA and GCIH certifications, I continue to learn from human security analysts at top Fortune 1000s every second of every day.

References available upon request

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Themis - An AI-Powered Virtual Security Analyst

After years of studying security expert's decision-making processes, Themis will capitalize on that knowledge to exponentially speed up and automate security teams’ response times and efficiency.

We provides a SelfLearning NexGen User-Friendly platform combining AI and HumanInsights (HI) along with providing a number of advanced detection techniques for such Impersonation attempts, Polymorphic Attacks, Phishing, Fake Login, SocialEngineering, AccountTakeover, and URLs Links detection using ComputerVision Technology, 50+ engines scanning for advance MalwareDetection BEC Anomaly Detection using Natural Language Processing and offers a multi-layered approach, all combined with our Award Winning MLearning and AI-powered IncidentResponse and Virtual SOC remediating these attacks at the Mailbox level. SRC Cyber Solutions LLP in India provides the most comprehensive Mailbox Level Protection. If you want to know more kindly Click here

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