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Automated Patching and Endpoint Management

6 Reasons You Should Switch To Cloud-Based Patch Management

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, there are many reasons why organizations may consider cloud-based patch management as an alternative to on-premise solutions.

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Endpoint Management in Minutes

You can be up and running using Automox® endpoint management policies in less than 30 minutes.

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Hybrid Work is the New Normal

Legacy patching platforms can only update systems and software on remote endpoints that are connected to the corporate network via virtual private network (VPN). Users often avoid connecting via VPN to circumvent the tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming process of making updates over slow connections.

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Avert Cyber Attacks With Proactive Endpoint Hardening

A vulnerability has been exposed. Attackers will need only seven days to weaponize it. Your secret to averting cyber attacks?

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Endpoint Hardening: Data Sheet

Automox® is a cloud-native endpoint hardening platform that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux from a single console.

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Does Your RMM’s Patching Leave Boxes Unchecked?

Many RMM tools promise to be a one-stop solution, although many boxes are often left unchecked. Automox ensures you are building the best security posture possible for your clients with cross-operating system (OS) coverage, third-party patching, and hyper-fast, zero-day response times. And that’s just the start.

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