The Rise of Collaboration for Proactive Phishing Defense

The Rise of Collaboration for Proactive Phishing Defense

The Rise of Collaboration for Proactive Phishing Defense


The cybersecurity industry has been talking about collaborative approaches forever. In fact, the cyber community has been using a collaborative approach for a long time on things like the identification of vulnerabilities. It’s how CVEs are identified, verified, enumerated, and cataloged. But that’s mostly rear-looking, not real-time, not a proactive defense. 

The emergence and adoption of SaaS, AI, and machine learning has brought the era of real-time, collaborative cyber-threat defense is upon us

For decades, we have tried to defend ourselves against cyber threats as individuals, using various methods like technical controls, physical controls, and human controls to outsmart and outpower threat actors. But the landscape of cyber threats is rapidly changing, and we can no longer rely on these outdated defense methods. 

Organizations are increasing their adoption of security tools that make use of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it’s also being used by cybercriminals to reach unprecedented levels of automation—making it an operational nightmare for defenders. To effectively combat these modern cyber threats, we need a new, collaborative approach to defense—one that is proactive rather than reactive. 

By sharing real-time threat intelligence from experts utilizing the same platform, we can anticipate and respond to emerging and active threats and phishing attacks before it's too late. We can also collaborate on the development of new technologies and strategies to defend against these threats, pooling our resources and expertise to create more powerful and effective defenses. 

By leveraging the power of AI and threat intelligence platforms to provide real-time insights from experts about ongoing attacks, we can deploy countermeasures that create a more secure and resilient defense against advanced and emerging threats—and a proactive defense against phishing. 

The power of collaborative cyber threat defense lies in the combined knowledge and insights of multiple organizations. By sharing information and working together, we can keep up, or even stay one step ahead of the attackers and anticipate their next moves. This is especially important in today's rapidly changing landscape of cyber threats, where new attacks are constantly emerging and evolving. 

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