"Presumed Safe" Emails

"Presumed Safe" Emails

"Presumed Safe" Emails



We're happy to announce the release of Presumed Safe emails. This capability provides privileged users with access to those emails that have been presumed to be safe by IRONSCALES' AI and Machine Learning models.  

IRONSCALES inspects every single email that enters your organization's mailboxes, but has traditionally provided documentation and forensics for emails that had raised suspicion of malicious intent, including emails that did or did not have an incident. With Presumed Safe, you now have full IRONSCALES coverage of all emails in the system, allowing you to gain insights into your entire email security posture and status. 


Access permissions 

These emails may contain personal, sensitive, and confidential information of others in and out of your organization. As such, only the IRONSCALES account owner has default access to this content. 

To enable Presumed Safe emails in IRONSCALES: 

  1. 1. To allow IRONSCALES to collect Presumed Safe email data, as account owner or admin, make sure the Collect and display presumed emails checkbox is enabled in the General & Security settings page. This checkbox should be on by default. 

  1. 2. As account owner, grant Presumed Safe email access to specific users in the Permissions settings page. 

Presumed Safe does not apply to Campaign Editors as they cannot access the Investigation tab. 

We’ve also added a notification alert for changes in Presumed Safe permissions, which can be sent over MS Teams and Slack channels. 


How to see Presumed Safe emails 

Presumed Safe logs and filter options are only visible to the IRONSCALES account owner and users who have explicit permissions from the owner to view such messages. 

Make sure to first contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Presumed Safe email access for your tenant. 

To display Presumed Safe emails:  

  1. 1. Select Presumed Safe from the Email type filter. 


  1. 2. Search for all or part of the email's Subject/Sender. 
    Presumed Safe emails are accessible via the Investigation tab only, and are indicated with a green Presumed Safe log type. 

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