We Revolutionizes Email Security with Powerful New Generative AI Capabilities

We Revolutionizes Email Security with Powerful New Generative AI Capabilities

We Revolutionizes Email Security with Powerful New Generative AI Capabilities


Email security leader unveils Themis Co-pilot for Microsoft Outlook: The first ICES solution with a fully generative AI phishing model, PhishLLM

IRONSCALES, the leading enterprise cloud email security platform protecting more than 10,000 global organizations worldwide, today announced the Beta launch of Themis Co-pilot for Microsoft Outlook, a GPT-powered chat assistant for self-service threat reporting. Powering Themis Co-pilot is PhishLLM, a cutting-edge large language model (LLM) hosted within the IRONSCALES infrastructure, which is the first in the IRONSCALES suite of generative AI apps for email security.

The announcement comes at a time when rates of BEC and other advanced phishing attacks are climbing exponentially as they expose vulnerabilities in traditional email security solutions with social engineering tactics. A recent report from Osterman Research revealed that large organizations are expecting a 43% increase in BEC attacks in the next 12 months. 

In addition, cybercriminals specifically target the human element as it offers a convenient means of gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information, with phishing being one of their primary tactics. According to the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 74% of breaches involved a human element.

To combat the exponential rise in phishing, Themis Co-pilot, the first in a suite of generative AI apps, was designed to empower humans to be a critical cybersecurity defense. Built on top of PhishLLM, a proprietary, patent-pending large language model, these ground-breaking capabilities will allow enterprises to become more cyber resilient by enabling end-users, regardless of role, skill, or level, to detect sophisticated attacks. 

Unleashing Generative AI for Email Security

Currently available through a public Beta, Themis Co-pilot for Outlook enables IT and security admins to:

  • Empower end users and democratize email security: Mobilize your employees as a critical line of defense with the ability to question suspicious emails and gain real-time actionable insights to confidently report threats and take a more active part in threat hunting.  
  • Reduce noise: Reduce the number of user-reported false positives and free up the security team for other important business initiatives. 
  • Automatically stop emerging zero-day threats: As end-users leverage Themis Co-pilot to report emerging threats, proper classification will automatically remediate similar threats across the environment and train the IRONSCALES machine learning element to look for these threats in the future.

Generative AI and the IRONSCALES Difference

Generative AI is changing the cybersecurity landscape, both in the volume and velocity of phishing attacks, but also in the way organizations can leverage it to make more informed decisions regarding emails. 

IRONSCALES developed the industry’s first AI-powered security analyst, Themis AI, which utilizes the data from millions of security events from users, devices, and threat intel signals, in a continuous reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) cycle. Adding to this powerful data set is the human insights collected from every mailbox user and 20,000+ security analysts across the IRONSCALES network of global admins. This massive dataset of human intelligence is used to stop breaches in real time. Only IRONSCALES brings this continuous feedback loop of AI and human insights together into the most powerful email security solution on the market. 

“IRONSCALES has pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in email security to detect and remediate sophisticated phishing attempts. With the introduction of Themis Co-pilot, we’re delivering the next innovation that will help end users, of any skill level, improve their ability to stop attacks without adding additional cost or complexity to the organization,” said Eyal Benishti, CEO of IRONSCALES. “Our unique approach of combining AI and human insights is transforming email security. We believe our continuous feedback loop between our AI, human insights, and SAT capabilities is the most comprehensive approach to email security and remains unmatched by other vendors in the industry.”

To learn more and to be an early adopter of the Themis Co-pilot Beta program, visit: https://ironscales.com/beta/themis-copilot


IRONSCALES is the leading cloud email security platform for the enterprise and the industry’s only solution that uses AI and human insights (HI) to stop advanced phishing. Its award-winning, self-learning platform continuously detects and remediates attacks like BEC, ATO, and VIP impersonation that bypass traditional security solutions. Powerful, simple, and adaptive, IRONSCALES helps enterprises reduce risk, boost security team efficiency, and increase cybersecurity awareness. IRONSCALES is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is proud to support more than 10,000 global enterprises. Visit http://www.ironscales.com or @IRONSCALES to learn more.

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