The Role of Asset Visibility in Proactive Risk Management

The Role of Asset Visibility in Proactive Risk Management

The Role of Asset Visibility in Proactive Risk Management


The Role of Asset Visibility in Proactive Risk Management


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, proactive risk management is no longer a luxury but a necessity. One key element that plays an important role in this approach is comprehensive Asset Visibility and mitigating the risks surrounding those Assets. Understanding what assets are in your network, how they interact, and where potential vulnerabilities lie is foundational to building a robust security posture.

The Foundation of Asset Visibility


Asset Identification: The first step in effective Risk Mitigation is knowing what assets you have. Everyone knows that they need to protect and know about their Applications. But what about the hardware devices? How do you know that the PC you are using is of the brand it shows? It can be some other brand and also breached.

From hardware devices to software applications, every component in your IT ecosystem is a potential entry point for threats. Total Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation solutions provide a real-time inventory ensuring that no Asset goes unnoticed. Embracing a zero-trust approach is important, mandating verification at every level to mitigate potential threats originating from within or outside your network perimeter.

Asset IT Visibility goes beyond mere identification. It involves mapping the relationships and connections between Assets. This understanding is crucial for anticipating how a security incident on one device can impact others and helps in crafting a proactive defence strategy.

Proactive Risk Mitigation


With comprehensive enterprise Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation, IT teams can detect Asset Vulnerabilities and potential suspicious Attack Tools early on. This early detection allows for prompt action before an exploit occurs, preventing security incidents and minimizing the impact on operations.

Integrating Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation with threat intelligence sources amplifies the capability to identify potential risks. By continuously monitoring external threat feeds and correlating them with internal asset data, organizations can proactively detect threats that might target specific assets or vulnerabilities.

The Crucial Role of Policy Enforcement


Establishing clear security policies is essential in fortifying your organization’s defences. These policies define acceptable use, access controls, and other security parameters. Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation allows for the effective enforcement of these policies by ensuring that all devices and users adhere to the defined security standards.

Manual monitoring and enforcement of security policies can be overwhelming. IT Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation enables the implementation of automated policy enforcement mechanisms. This ensures consistency and reduces the likelihood of human error, providing a proactive defense against potential policy violations.



In conclusion, enterprise Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation is not just a component of proactive risk management – it is the linchpin. A thorough understanding of your IT environment, coupled with automated policy enforcement, empowers organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, a proactive approach fortified by asset visibility is not just a strategy, it is a necessity for safeguarding the integrity and resilience of digital infrastructure.


Asset Visibility and Risk Management Solutions by SRC Cyber Solutions LLP


We offer a versatile SaaS/on-premise solution for comprehensive Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation (Policy Enforcement). With a proven, traffic-free system, it scales infinitely to safeguard your entire asset infrastructure in real time, ensuring rapid protection whenever assets connect to the decentralized ecosystem. Its innovative ARM approach avoids misleading profiles and behavioural assumptions, bolstering cybersecurity practices.

By leveraging unique attributes of Layer 1 data- we call it Asset DNA – it detects any device based on its palpable existence and inherent electronic characteristics, thus effectively bypassing any need for traffic analysis. Patented Machine Learning (ML) techniques empower it to determine whether a device's unique Asset DNA aligns with any known device, enabling automatic detection of real-world devices even in the face of Layer 2 data manipulation or complete absence.

The platform's patented technology reveals the true source of asset risk by harnessing properties at the physical layer. Uncovering all known and shadow assets, our Asset Visibility & Risk Management platform generates an objective DNA profile for each device, regardless of its functionality and operability.

The platform’s unique ARM approach is untainted by misleading profile perceptions and behavioural assumptions that can deceive even the most secure cyber tools and result in best risk management practices.

With SRC's Asset Visibility & Risk Management Platform, your enterprise benefits from a holistic, and reliable source of truth.


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