Identifying Regulatory Compliance Gaps

Identifying Regulatory Compliance Gaps

Identifying Regulatory Compliance Gaps


One of the common use cases raised by Sepio’s customers is for those who operate in highly regulated environments and need to comply with multiple regulations. Whether it’s healthcare, federal, critical infrastructure, or financial, there is a genuine challenge in ensuring there are no regulatory compliance gaps.

As an example, an entity following NDAA section 889b is required to verify that no hardware assets from banned Chinese vendors are used. To comply with this requirement, a complete and trusted asset inventory should be available and up-to-date at any given time.

Regulatory Compliance - Sepio's policy for NDAA Section 889b
Sepio’s Policy for NDAA Section 889b Compliance

How Sepio’s Solution Helps with Regulatory Compliance Gaps

Sepio’s innovative Asset Risk Management (ARM) solution proves to be the answer to these regulatory compliance gaps challenges:

1. Comprehensive Hardware Inventory: Sepio’s solution instantly provides a complete and up-to-date inventory of all hardware assets across the organization. Including all wired and wireless Ethernet-connected devices, USB peripherals, and internal hardware Bill of Materials. This asset inventory serves as the foundation for regulatory compliance efforts.

2. Regulatory Compliance Mapping: Sepio’s solution maps each hardware asset to relevant compliance regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and NDAA section 889b. This allows organizations to identify which regulations are affected by specific hardware and prioritize compliance efforts accordingly.

3. Continuous Monitoring: Sepio’s solution offers continuous monitoring of hardware assets, flagging any unauthorized or suspicious devices. This real-time monitoring ensures that regulatory compliance efforts are ongoing and adaptive.


Demonstrated Compliance: Organizations can confidently demonstrate regulatory compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and NDAA 889b during audits. Assuring regulators and government contract evaluators of their commitment to security and privacy.

Reduced Risk: The risk of data breaches and associated legal consequences decreases significantly due to improved hardware security measures.

Operational Efficiency: With a streamlined hardware asset management process, Sepio’s platform improves operational efficiency and reduces the costs associated with regulatory compliance efforts.

By addressing their hardware asset visibility challenges with Sepio’s solution, customers not only achieve compliance at a lower cost but also enhance their overall cybersecurity posture.

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