5 New Features to Take Advantage Of Automated patching and endpoint management Community

5 New Features to Take Advantage Of Automated patching and endpoint management Community

5 New Features to Take Advantage Of Automated patching and endpoint management Community


After a few months of configuration and migration, the Automox Community Team has officially launched the new Automox Community! With this transition, we set out to provide a more helpful community experience in an easily accessible format, with the same fun and informative content you've come to expect.

If you’ve visited the Community in the past couple of weeks, you may have seen the new platform, but we’d like to share a just a few of the highlights here.

1.  Navigate Quickly with a New Homepage

First, you’ll see a brand new homepage with convenient modules and title cards to take you to the most important threads happening in the Automox Community. Plus, you get quick access to any upcoming Automox webinars.

Automox Community Homepage
Automox Community Homepage screenshot

2. Battle Your Peers on the Community Leaderboard

Also on the homepage, you’ll notice the Community leaderboard. Engage with your peers in some friendly competition and battle your way to the top of the leaderboard by creating threads and adding your two cents to conversations.

Automox Community Leaderboard

3. Jump into New Discussion Categories

We’ve also added new list of categories. Don’t worry, we didn’t get rid of the classics like Water Cooler and Worklets, but rather added in some interesting new topics like Gaming, Release Notes, Q&A, and more.

Automox Community Discussion Categories

4. Get the Best Answers to Your Questions

Now, when a community member posts a question in the Community, they have the ability to choose “Best Answers” to their questions, which are highlighted within the thread. This makes it that much easier to find answers to your burning Automox and IT questions.

Automox Community Thread with Best Answer

5. Access Valuable Resources via the Insight Hub

Last but not least, you now have access to a brand new content resource center called the Insight Hub. This hub provides you with a whole batch of helpful resources, from simple Automox tutorial videos to the latest Patch Tuesday updates, all in one place. The Insight Hub is a great place to learn more about Automox and the world of cybersecurity & ITOps through helpful videos and articles. You can access the Insight Hub from the Automox Community or directly at this URL.

Automox Insight Hub


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