Effortless Efficiency Navigating Endpoint Management with User-friendly Dashboard

Effortless Efficiency Navigating Endpoint Management with User-friendly Dashboard

Effortless Efficiency Navigating Endpoint Management with User-friendly Dashboard


User-friendly – it’s a term that’s tossed around quite a bit, right?  

Whether you’re navigating a website, submitting an online form, or exploring an app that identifies your newest houseplant, the requirements to deem a tool user-friendly are often the same.  

At the very least, user-friendly experiences should have the following characteristics in common. They should be: 

  • Simple 

  • Organized 

  • Intuitive 

  • Reliable 

 These characteristics lend themselves to significant time savings, a critical outcome of user-friendly tech. 

What does it take to be user-friendly? 

Having user-friendly solutions in your day-to-day IT role is of the utmost importance. At face value, your technology may help identify and/or resolve key issues, but if you cannot find the information you need and taking action requires multiple complex steps, or an act of Congress, its value, usability, and ROI are diminished. 

At Automox, a simple user experience (UX) for our users is critical to what we do, and we are always looking for ways to improve it. We regularly speak with our customers, and include them in both our pre-development planning and ideation as well as in the validation of the new features that we release. We understand our users (yes, you) have a lot of work to do and we want to simplify your endpoint management solution instead of adding to your never-ending to-do list. 

Your experience is priority one 

Automox’s dashboard represents all things user-friendly with the end goal of saving you time with an experience that is: 

  • Simple: Actionable cues that allow you to take immediate action 

  • Organized: Easy-to-read data when & where you need it 

  • Detailed: Click-through capabilities help you arrive at additional and more detailed insights – fast  

  • Reliable: Accurate, comprehensive, and real-time endpoint data 

So, let's dive in. The Automox console is your primary point of navigation. 


Get the scoop on your endpoints straight from the console 

Automox automatically surfaces the most pressing endpoint management data points and priorities without the manual pulling of data or scouring through reports. IT can quickly see what needs attention – whether it’s your scheduled policies, endpoint health, outstanding patches that require action, or just a quick snapshot of your non-compliant endpoints – with the ability to take immediate action with just a few clicks. 

Experience the difference 

The Automox User Experience team has developed our console to make your experience stellar, including: 


  • Immediately upon login, you’ll see key stats displayed front-and-center, patch count by severity, and click-through capabilities such as with the Device Troubleshooting card. Often other solutions will discover endpoints needing attention and that’s where their value ends – without additional steps. But Automox directly navigates you to these devices on the Devices page so you can take quick action and resolve the issue. 

Back to the console, Automox has elevated several other pressing endpoint details and stats, such as: 


  • The Outstanding Patch Count card gives you an at-a-glance understanding of your patch priority with new clickable actions to take you directly to the endpoints in question with filters already applied directly in the console. 


  • The Scheduled Policies card allows you to view your upcoming policies by type (i.e. All, Patches, or Worklets) and associated endpoints. As a bonus, the display time recalculates to the local time of the logged-in user. 

And, finally, we’ve introduced two new cards! 


  • The Device Health by Group card provides a quick health check for how up-to-date your endpoints are within a group.