For IT Heroes: Advice for all the Automators

For IT Heroes: Advice for all the Automators

For IT Heroes: Advice for all the Automators


The automation landscape is all about reclaiming your time to focus on meaningful work. Sometimes though, embracing a modern approach to IT automation can seem like scaling a never-ending mountain. Picture this: enhancing skill sets, growing in your career, streamlining procedures, and cherishing family time.

We have combined a couple of amazing customers and two of Automox’ finest experts to chat about accessible IT automation. In this blog, we will give you some hints on where to tune in during the Virtual Summit on-demand recording. Come with us to discover our guest's tips for reclaiming precious time.

“Our real mission is to be accessible IT automation to the IT operators. We have a lot of sympathy background and experience working in it. We know the struggles that you all go through every day, and we also know how important we are to our friends on the Security team and bringing scalable automation to them as well as to the rest of the business. So, we have some very ambitious goals here at Automox” – David Van Heerden, Manager of IT Operations and Product Evangelist

Automate Your Way to Desired State

 Tired of dealing with the manual lift that is:

Monotonous IT troubleshooting?

Complex policy configuration?

Repetitive third-party app updates?

Now you can say goodbye to wasted time and hello to stronger security, integrity, and accuracy of your systems! With Automox Worklets, David Van Heerden shows you how to evaluate status, remediate, and fast-forward to learn more during the 2023 Fall Virtual Summit. Do not miss it, skip to 3 minutes!

“Once you have that automation figured out and work figured out, you suddenly don’t have to react to every news article that you see on the Internet”- Rich Casselberry, VP IT Security Architecture and Compliance, ATN International.

Merge for the Best of Both Worlds

 You do not want to miss Rich Casselberry spilling the tea on how his team found the perfect patching solution to complement Rapid7. With the integration between the Rapid7 Insight VM tool and the Automox API, they made their security compliance a breeze by finding and fixing vulnerabilities faster than API. They made their security compliance a breeze by finding and fixing vulnerabilities faster than ever. And do not miss Landon Miles from Automox showing his magic of remediating 106 vulnerabilities in just mere seconds with this integration at 45 min mark.

“Automox allows you to patch. Now just Microsoft updates, which frankly, are pretty easy. Right? But all of the third-party software, plus Linux, plus Mac, plus all of the things that you have been complaining about… replaced a lot of our tools and integrated well with a Rapid 7 piece” – Rich Casselberry, VP IT Security, Architecture and Compliance, ATN International. 

Get to know Your Resources. Vendors, Communities, Colleagues

You may know how to solve issues, but even the wisest of people know when to ask for help. With remote work, it is easy to overlook the wealth of resources within your reach. Dive deep into your tech stock and unravel all the mysteries. Whether you want to know the Automox community for community-based Worklets or engage in a call to glean wisdom from experts, help is necessary. Just extend a hand and embrace the knowledge. Tune in around minute 18 for the full information.

“It has been invaluable for us. Let us call someone who has already done this before, and who has the expertise and tools. And it is okay to call someone to help, you are right. It is almost better than spending 5 hours or a whole weekend banging your head against the wall because you do not know how to do this particular thing. Pick up your phone, call somebody, move on to the next thing”. - Rich Casselberry, VP IT Security, Architecture and Compliance, ATN International

Don’t Sweat the Small “Tech Debt,” Just Automate It

Start by tackling the small things – pay off the pesky debts first. It will free up your time for more important automations. As Rich Casselberry wisely put it “Let’s get to easy win. Let’s free up a lot of our time and then we will go for the hard stuff when you know when we have more time”. Did you close out the Virtual Summit on-demand? Catch the gem at 21 min.

“Let’s get to easy wins. Let us free up a lot of our time, and then we will go after the hard stuff when you know when we have more time” – Rich Casselberry, VP IT Security, Architecture and Compliance ATN International.

You Deserve Easy Work, Do Not Forget

There is no shortage of AI to get the job done nowadays but AI created to up-level your IT scripting? Now that is worth exploring! Check out Automox’s ingenious use of the ChatGPT large language model with Ask Otto at minute 24. With Otto AI, scripting is faster than ever. Custom scripts and Worklets just got a whole lot easier

“This is a very powerful tool to very quickly initiate a Worklet and save the time of having to use the Worklet to install this on all of your servers, instead of going to each one individually and running the set of commands:” – Landon Miles, Technical Marketing Manager, Automox.

Do not Reinvent the Wheel

These IT wizards emphasized the cruciality of assembling this advice thus far (check in around minute 32). Begin by delving into the Worklet Catalog for hundreds of use cases to choose from, grabbing an Automox-verified evaluation and remediation code to automate any task, on any endpoint, and injecting it into the ingenious AI assistant to capture all the perfect context tailored just for you. Let the magic happen! Tag, you’re it! It works best if you try it for yourself here.

“You know we have experienced engineers that are writing and creating these Worklets solutions in that Catalog. So yeah, I agree that it is best to take a look at what has already been done, vetted, and tested by our worklets team and bring that in” -David Van Heerden, Manager of IT Operations and Product Evangelist

Let Worklets Do the Work For You

In the world of IT teams, managing devices that can be anywhere can be a challenge. But you do not need to stress more. Just ask Brian Frati, the Senior Network Engineer at National Development. According to him “It is nice to be able to push out the policy without any human interaction” With Worklets from Automox Community and the Automox-verified Worklet Catalog to automate any task, on any endpoint, Brian gets the job done like a tech magician. Catch Brian’s segment at the 35-minute mark and witness the magic unfold.

"It's nice to be able to push out a policy without any human interaction." – Brian Frati, Senior Security Engineer, National Development

Kick the Grunt Work to the Curb

Configuration and complexity can be the big duo. Brian Frati knows firsthand how easy it is to get confused with those fancy policies. But not to worry, he stumbled upon the Community Worklet thread and saved the day with the Dell Command Update with Output Showing Updates Installed Worklet. The registry edits were swiftly handled and the Worklet runs easily. Listen to the details at the 40-minute mark.

"Automox has given me more time to focus on other things and to focus on advancing my career. – Brian Frati, Senior Security Engineer, National Development.



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