For IT, Visibility and Reporting Go Hand-in-Hand

For IT, Visibility and Reporting Go Hand-in-Hand

For IT, Visibility and Reporting Go Hand-in-Hand


You’ve probably heard the phrase:

You can't protect or defend against what you can't see.

If you haven’t heard that one, maybe this is something you’ve heard others say:

Transparency starts with a single source of truth.

In IT, both phrases ring true. These turns of phrase can conjure feelings of stress when you can’t address your data or view all your endpoints from a single lens. 

End-to-end visibility isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s an IT imperative. Comprehensive endpoint visibility in real-time is a constant goal of IT – without it, how can you meet (audit-ready) compliance reporting goals or give executive updates that draw easily interpreted conclusions?

  • With global regulations on the rise and your organization’s security expectations increasing, real-time reporting is a hot-button issue at the highest level of any organization.
  • Demonstrating IT success, SLAs, and ensuring compliance have become increasingly critical priorities for the C-Suite.  IT must produce up-to-date compliance and status reports at a moment's notice.

Visibility when it comes to reporting doesn’t just ensure SLAs are met and key business indicators are performing – it helps you do your job. From unpatched endpoints to offline endpoints or those with the wrong software, identifying these indicators is critical in helping you understand the next steps. 

With endpoints now scaling across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments, the ability to understand your entire infrastructure and endpoint inventory seems to be getting a bit more complicated. But we’ve got your back.


Endpoints Are Our Jam

At Automox, we revel in managing endpoint data. We can uncover endpoints other apps have yet to reconcile. We know you need a single source of truth for every endpoint across your whole environment – that way, you can be confident in your security posture and make sure you’re always audit-ready. 

VPN-free and globally available, Automox allows you to visualize your entire infrastructure easily. Manage your entire ecosystem with standardized reports or by feeding Automox data to other solutions within your tech stack. With centralized reporting and continuous scanning of devices, you can take action fast, maintain compliance records, and share status updates with key stakeholders.

Get The Reports You Need!

Here’s the rundown of some cool reporting capabilities we built to make your life easier! We also highlighted (*) reports currently available as downloadable PDFs. 

Dashboard *– At login, view key status metrics and updates to see what needs attention and take action directly from within the Automox console. 

Overview Report *– Get a quick, comprehensive look at the history and status of your applied patches. Also, see a breakdown of outstanding patches by severity and patch age. Drill deeper into each group with intuitive click-through actions.

Activity Log – You may be asking“What happened with my patch?” To answer this question, check the activity log. It tracks all automated and manual actions taken by the Automox agent over a select period.

Needs Attention Report – Select a group, or all groups, in the drop-down menu for direct insight into devices requiring IT intervention and quickly resolve any issues or roadblocks.

Pre-Patch Report *– This report provides an exhaustive list of all pending patches – by group and endpoint – with relevant exposure and severity information so you can successfully execute upcoming patches.

Policy Results Report – Quickly validate the deployment of your most recent patches. Uncover any roadblocks and verify your patches were successfully applied in real time. And demonstrate security compliance on the spot.

Data Extracts- These audit log files can be easily queued and extracted for further insights into actions taken by a specific user at a given time.

Stop Compiling Data And Sorting Reports

Complete visibility of your endpoints is critical. Use our intuitive dashboard, pull an extensive list of real-time reports, and easily share exportable PDFs. 

Automox has got your endpoint visibility covered, end-to-end. Get the context you need and see every detail so you can respond promptly with effective solutions – all from a single pane of glass


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