Automate Patching on Any Endpoint With 5 New Worklets

Automate Patching on Any Endpoint With 5 New Worklets

Automate Patching on Any Endpoint With 5 New Worklets


Our team has been hustling all month to crank out useful Worklets so you can automate any task, on any endpoint. Visit the Worklet Catalog to discover plug-and-play IT automation for hundreds of use cases across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. 

To get you started, we’re corralling this month’s Worklets of the Week so you can find the latest automation in one easy location. 

1. Uninstall Specific App by Name Worklet 

Leveraging the power of Automox Worklets™ has never been easier. With the Uninstall Specific Applications by Name Worklet, you can easily remove any software app with minimal knowledge of the bitness, installer type, or uninstall command line. 

How? This Worklet leverages PowerShell to search the registry for an application by its display name and runs its uninstall key to uninstall the app from any selected Windows endpoint. It’s the easiest way to uninstall apps to address security concerns, free up space, optimize performance, and keep things organized.  

Not a Windows user? Check out a similar Worklet but for Linux and Mac! 

2. Targeted Reboot Within Timeframe Worklet 

Do your users sometimes ignore their "updates ready to be installed” notifications? 

Enforce the critical step in your patching framework by using the Targeted Reboot within a Defined Timeframe Worklet.  

This Worklet can conditionally force a reboot on a system within a scheduled timeframe and is particularly useful for machines that you may only want to reboot when the end user isn’t actively working. 

It’s just one more tool in your toolkit and you’ll sleep better knowing that your patches are deployed. 

3. Install SentinelOne Agent Worklet 

Do you use SentinelOne? If so, you can leverage this Worklet to automatically perform regularly scheduled scans to confirm all your macOS endpoints have the SentinelOne Agent installed and registered. 

We also have additional Worklets to check for and deploy the SentinelOne agent on Windows and Linux. 

Together, Automox and SentinelOne run alongside each other in lockstep to give you streamlined control over your endpoint detection and response and automated patch management. 

4. EXE Software Installation (System Wide-All Users) Worklet 

Onboarding or configuring your endpoints can be a huge time suck. So we built this System Wide EXE Software Installation Worklet to help. 

Use it to easily install EXE software and uniformly apply preferences to all your user accounts. It’s the perfect easy button for something like installing Microsoft Teams across your organization. Check out the details and start using it today! 

5. Upgrade the macOS Worklet 

As you know, regularly updating your macOS version keeps your devices secure and functioning smoothly.  

Apple consistently addresses software bugs and security vulnerabilities with each upgrade, so this Worklet upgrades your macOS endpoints to the version of your choice.  

Use this Worklet to ensure the necessary upgrades are complete across your devices. 

Or browse the full Worklet Catalog to see how you can plug and play IT automation for hundreds of use cases across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. 

We’ll also be talking about Worklets in our upcoming SysAdmin Day Appreciation virtual event. 

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