SRC The Real Deal: Automated Vulnerability Detection⇢Remediation

SRC The Real Deal: Automated Vulnerability Detection⇢Remediation

SRC The Real Deal: Automated Vulnerability Detection⇢Remediation


Vulnerability and Remediation

The 'and' Steps

- Identification

  • Before you can even broach the subject of detection, it's important you have visibility into all your endpoints.

  • This includes cloud and on-prem endpoints. In complex IT environments, comprehensive asset inventory is a must.

- Detection

  • Scan your endpoints regularly. Leading vulnerability scanners like Rapid7 can do an excellent job of this for you.

  • New security vulnerabilities discovered in 2022 reached 24,096. That’s 25% higher than the previous year.

  • Given the sheer amount of vulnerabilities in the wild, the scope of these scans can overwhelm IT teams.

- Organization

  • If you have more than one scanning tool pulling in data, you’ll want to capture them within a single source that reformats and aligns reports while also offering a centralized view.

- Prioritization

- Colloboration

  • If your organization utilizes a SecOps-to-ITOps handoff process, it’s probably tricky because it means managing co-worker cycles, collaborating on strategic prioritization, and balancing too many cooks. This could elongate this step.

  • Wrangling time-consuming back-and-forth communication between security teams, asset owners, and stakeholders can take a toll before remediation even begins.

  • This step may be a red flag indicating inefficiency in your organization’s process.

- Remediation

  • This process can include steps like identifying patching, reconfiguring, removing apps, or adding an agent to an unknown device. Manually, it’s often clunky and unintuitive.

- Validation

  • Validating your actions and making sure you’ve reduced your risks are essential.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools that quickly verify if a patch was successful can be a lifesaver when making sure no endpoint goes unaddressed.

56% of organizations remediate security vulnerabilities manually. That’s a lot of extra cycles and headaches you can’t afford to add to the steps above. On top of that, manual efforts increase the chance of human error. It’s better to nip headaches and errors in the bud with automation. 

Automated Vulnerability Identification-to-Remediation

The final step – breath easy here

Automox Automated Vulnerability Remediation addresses the ‘and’ in Vulnerability Detection and Remediation by automating the process for you. 

The tool eliminates manual steps and the barriers that hold you back from adopting a complete end-to-end vulnerability identification and remediation. AVR shortens remediation cycles by automatically ingesting key vulnerability data directly from solutions such as Rapid7 InsightVM. But, it also maps CVE data to software updates, including from leading third-party vendors. Automox provides a comprehensive and prioritized view of your vulnerabilities so you can take action on them in seconds. 

Remove the angst and confusion around your vulnerability remediation strategy by automating your approach with AVR. You’ve got this. 

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