Advanced IT Troubleshooting

Advanced IT Troubleshooting

Advanced IT Troubleshooting


Every single day, IT and helpdesk teams are bombarded with a multitude of tickets. Their goal is generally to keep end users happy and the businesses they work for productive.

Typically, this requires a hybrid approach of automation and manual work. Some issues are frequent offenders that can be addressed with automation. Others, however, require real-time investigation and resolution through the end user’s eyes, directly on the device.

Here at Automox, our team of IT warriors is always working the front lines. Like most IT and helpdesk teams, they face a litany of requests like:

  • Addressing network errors or slowness

  • Fixing apps that crash or contribute to slowness

  • Troubleshooting general computer performance or peripheral issues

  • Executing access change requests like adding permissions to a resource

  • Carrying out access provision requests such as setting up new licenses

  • Managing app provision requests like installing an app or tool on a desktop

That’s a lot for one team to cover on a daily basis. But as a business, we’re confident that our endpoints are configured, secured, and operational. Why?

We asked our Manager of IT Operations, David Van Heerden, what the average time to resolve an issue is. He said for most IT teams it takes about 24 hours.

At Automox, we’re happy to report that our IT team resolves all tickets in fewer than eight hours. In large part, we're able to cut down on resolution time because we've consolidated our efforts into a single tool that allows us to automate processes that we had to do manually in the past.

But when a helpdesk team is tasked with highly complex problems with too many ineffective tools, they may find they can’t resolve issues fast enough or are slowed by a plethora of processes that can hold production back.

When we asked other organizations about what prevented them from accomplishing their essential endpoint management tasks in our 2021 State of IT Operations survey, they all had the same answer: One of their primary impediments was tool sprawl.



So, we’re aiming to close that gap – with a single tool for device inventory, IT automation, and remote access. Our goal: Enabling organizations to easily find and fix issues because of the power of tools they use, not in spite of them.

Automox for Advanced IT Troubleshooting

Now, with Automox Advanced IT Troubleshooting, teams can harness the power of complete device inventory coupled with automated issue resolution. Furthermore, teams get instant remote access from a single, cloud-native console to fix issues faster, with fewer tools, fewer steps, and less effort than ever before.

Automation-driven fixing

Your IT and helpdesk teams will save time and soul-sucking manual work by automating common issue fixes with Automox Worklets for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Whether it is an issue with an email account, resetting a password, investigating devices that won’t update, or killing a process using too much of the computer’s resources, your IT and help desk teams can easily create, automate, and enforce any task with Automox Worklets, reusable units of work based on simple PowerShell or Bash scripting.

Hands-on remediation

For more complex issues, you’ll have the power of near-instant remote access to Windows 10 and 11 devices from anywhere, with just an internet connection to make sure your end users stay productive – and happy.

Finally, with our introduction of remote control, you’ll have complete visibility of device inventory coupled with instant remote access at the click of a button. And you’ll never need to switch consoles.

Remote control empowers your IT team to fix faster and keep your end users operating to their full potential.

The troubleshooting takeaway

With Automox for Advanced IT Troubleshooting, you’ll be able to reduce complexity in your environment by coordinating automated and manual fixes through a single agent and console.

And remember, Automox doesn’t require infrastructure or VPNs to manage any device, anywhere – ever.

Ready to get started? Take Advanced IT Troubleshooting for a spin with a 15-day free trial today or request a demo from our team.

Automox for Easy IT Operations

Automox is the cloud-native IT operations platform for modern organizations. It makes it easy to keep every endpoint automatically configured, patched, and secured – anywhere in the world. With the push of a button, IT admins can fix critical vulnerabilities faster, slash cost and complexity, and win back hours in their day.

We provides a 100% CloudNative IT Endpoint operations platform for modern organizations. As a comprehensive EndPointManagement Platform, it has advanced SoftwareManagement for PatchManagement, Adding, Removing, and Updating Software, Changing and Configure Settings along with PolicyManagement on any device or operating system located anywhere in the world and at any time. With the push of a button, ITAdministartors can fix CriticalVulnerabilities faster, slash cost and complexity, and win back hours in the day.If you want to know more kindly Click here

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