Automated Cross-OS Patching

Automated Cross-OS Patching

Automated Cross-OS Patching


Automated Cross-OS Patching

Say goodbye to manual patching. Automatically patch your Windows, macOs, and Linux devices with one easy to use platform.

Stop Wasting Time Manually Patching

Every operating system requires critical patches to reduce your risk of attacks or breaches. The problem? Patching and endpoint management can be agonizing, with multiple tools creating interruptions that slow down your end users - and complexity that takes up all of your IT team's time.

Modern patching can and should be easy. With automated cross-OS patching, you save time and can sleep better at night knowing your IT environment is secure.

Patch Everything, Automatically, From One Console

Cloud-based and globally available, Automox allows you to automate cross-OS patch management, dramatically reducing the time, effort, and complexity it takes to manage multiple operating systems.

Instead of juggling several tools to manage different operating systems, you can enforce patches, security configurations, software deployment, and custom scripting across your Windows, Mac and Linux systems - all from one console.

No servers. No lengthy setup. No more manual work. One tool that does the job.

Take Your Time Back

Immediately start cutting the time spent on jumping between platforms and manually deploying patches, all without a VPN. With your time freed up , start spending more time on strategic initiatives.

Simplify with One-Stop for Patching

Quickly respond to critical and zero-day vulnerabilities as soon as patches are available. Set policies for any endpoint, regardless of whether it's Windows, Linux or macOS, so that every device is secure at all times.

Take Control of Your Remote Endpoints - Without a VPN

Don't rely on VPNs - because you don't have to. Whether you're managing on-prem devices, remote workers, or both, it's all visible and covered from the cloud.

Endpoint Visibility and Control 

Want to See Cross-OS Patching in Action?


Automate your patching in minutes with a free trial.

Fix Your Patching Problems and Up-Level Your ITOps

There's no denying it - the new way of working demands a new approach to patching. Automox unlocks a whole new level of efficiency for your ITOps with the power of automation.


Power ITOps Productivity

  • Reduce tool fatigue.
  • Streamline actions across Windows, Linux and MacOS

Reduce tool fatigue and fragmentation from years of outdated and OS-specific products. Automate redundant actions and streamline your workflows across Windows, Linux, and macOS to boost ITOps efficiency and user productivity.


Automate Policy Enforcement

  • Automated, cloud-native platform
  • Easy-to-set and powerful policies

Manage or blocklist software, enforce password settings, lock down USB access, and more with easy-to-set policies. Fine-tune your policies by grouping or tagging devices based on your custom needs, whether that's by OS, geography, or security level.


Extensive OS Patching Tools

  • Fix vulnerabilities faster than adversaries can exploit them with automated vulnerability remediation
  • Patch, configure, track inventory and report the vulnerability status of all devices

Run automated policies on groups of devices to patch vulnerabilities faster than adversaries can exploit them. Patch, configure, track inventory, and report the vulnerability status of all your corporate devices - Windows, Mac, or Linux - from a single console, regardless of the device's location or domain.

“Great time saving and effortless product. Constantly improving and providing great support.”

// Director Of Information Technology in the Transportation Industry

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We provides a 100% CloudNative IT Endpoint operations platform for modern organizations. As a comprehensive EndPointManagement Platform, it has advanced SoftwareManagement for PatchManagement, Adding, Removing, and Updating Software, Changing and Configure Settings along with PolicyManagement on any device or operating system located anywhere in the world and at any time. With the push of a button, ITAdministartors can fix CriticalVulnerabilities faster, slash cost and complexity, and win back hours in the day.If you want to know more kindly Click here

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