How We Worklet: 6 Scripts That Will Change How You Work

How We Worklet: 6 Scripts That Will Change How You Work

How We Worklet: 6 Scripts That Will Change How You Work


Alright, as we make it through the thick of the December holidays, it’s always good to take stock of what you’ve learned, accomplished, and how you can improve your work in the coming days.

When we look back on the year, one of the projects we’re most grateful for is our How We Worklet series. Throughout 2022, our engineering and IT admin experts crafted one-of-a-kind Worklets for you.

To get you up to speed (or offer a refresher on how Worklets do their thing), check out this Worklets Datasheet. Once you have the background, you’ll be ready to dive into the rest of the content below.

So, without further ado, here’s a review of our top Worklets created for a wide range of use cases in 2022. You can find out more about the script, how each works, and the corresponding author in more detail by clicking on each link.

And Happy New Year from all of us at Automox. May you know good health, happiness, and a well-managed IT environment in 2023.

How We Worklet: The year in review

1. User Notification Worklet

Ever feel like your users are experiencing notification fatigue? If so, the User Notification Worklet shakes up how you present notifications to your end users. It’s an excellent way to guarantee your messages are received and read. Plus, the Worklet can cut a 30-hour task down to just 5 minutes and deliver better results.

2. macOS Incident Response (IR) Scripting Worklet

Incident response can be tough. Some things must be identified, located, and grabbed from infected machines. To help you do so, the macOS Incident Response (IR) Scripting Worklet uses the following data points (network activity, user context, processes running, persistence mechanisms, environmental variables, and more) to grab relevant output and context to start an investigation.

3. Worklets on Demand to Automate End-user Tasks

Worklets on Demand to Automate End-user Tasks help with some of the most common tickets for a helpdesk like modifying adapter settings, configuring local apps, gathering data, or restarting an application. Solutions for these tickets generally range from end-users following instructions they might not be technical enough to follow, to an Admin logging into the device via a remote desktop session. Both things are time-consuming, but… they’re completely automate-able end-user tasks.

4. Data Extraction with Third-Party Storage Worklet

The Data Extraction with Third-Party Storage Worklet addresses the first step in troubleshooting: gathering information. For IT, this usually means collecting system, service, or application logs. Uploading these files can take a lot of time, though. So, this Worklet will help reduce time spent on information gathering and eliminate headachey communications.

5. Python Script to Migrate Policies from Org to Org in Automox Worklet

The Python Script to Migrate Policies from Org to Org in Automox Worklet is a script that could be used universally – on any system or within a customer environment. It can take all policies within an org and move them over to a recipient org.

6. Certificate Configuration Assistant Worklet

The Certificate Configuration Assistant Worklet helps unblock development teams while maturing your security program. This Worklet was crafted to allow IT admins to deal with configuring a list of common environment variables with the appropriate path pointing to the proxy CA public key and updating a list of java-based application directories containing keystores by loading the proxy CA public key into them.

A brand new series in 2023

Calling all IT MacGyvers!

Our 2023 IT admin series will focus on solving tech problems with what you’ve got. Just the way MacGyver used AAA batteries, twine, tweezers, and peanut butter (or whatever he could get his hands on), our new series will focus on doing more with less.

We’ll reveal relatable IT adventures and focus on survival tactics when budgets, disagreeable management, or legacy tech works against you.

MacGyver’s mind was his ultimate weapon. The same is true for IT admins. Saving the day is all in a day's work. And we’re going to focus on what heroes you are all year next year.

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