Streamlined Troubleshooting with Remote Control

Streamlined Troubleshooting with Remote Control

Streamlined Troubleshooting with Remote Control


For teams navigating today’s IT landscape and supporting user device issues, speed and execution of the best-suited resolution are the name of the game. Sometimes, however, these goals can seem at odds with each other. If you’re focused on turning over tickets lightning-fast, things can get overlooked. The cost of racing through work can often compromise a job well done.

Conversely, if you’re crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i' to make sure the issue is appropriately addressed, it may take forever to implement a fix with undo delays that not only reduce efficiency but leave users frustrated and SLAs missed.

But there are ways to trim down ticket response times to reduce user interruptions and reduce tool sprawl and the associated maintenance to increase IT team efficiency without breaking your budget.

Introducing Remote Control

For years, administrators have had to jump between tools to troubleshoot issues. Case in point, a member of the IT team may receive a report from a user regarding a device issue. They may have to leverage a CMDB to gather more information on the device, then hop to a remote control tool to directly fix the issue from within that device.

This can cause interruption, slow down the speed, and hinder the accuracy with which tickets are resolved. In some cases, IT has even had to hop into a car and drive to an end user’s location to fix issues.


There’s got to be a better way.

Such time-consuming efforts have left administrators and end users frustrated by slow resolution and wasted resources to resolve the most simple issues – just because admins weren’t armed with the right tool to access pertinent information and take action from a central solution. (Meme source)


Automox has introduced Remote Control capabilities to provide seamless, near-instant access for Windows 10 and 11 workstations. With Automox Complete, administrators can investigate and remediate issues directly on end-user devices without leaving their offices – or even their web browsers.


Automatic fixing with Remote Control

WIth Remote Control, your organization can arm its staff with the right tool to keep end users happy and productive while increasing the efficiency of your IT team.

Moreover, you can arm your helpdesk with a single, simple tool to fix things like:

  • Login problems

  • Software activation

  • Custom configuration on a device (like installing a driver or printer)

  • Investigation with Event Viewer

Here’s how it works

Global Administrators, Zone Administrators, and Zone Operators with Automox Complete can instantly remote into end user devices, with their consent, to resolve issues quickly, and from anywhere in the world (including the comfort of their workstation).

And, with a single console and agent, administrators can remote into devices directly from Automox’s device inventory. There, they can see, find, and fix issues from the end user’s perspective without a VPN connection, more consoles, or additional agent installations on devices. You can do all of this on Windows 10 and 11.

Furthermore, Remote Control offers attended remote access so logged-in end users can provide consent to the administrator trying to remote in.

Plus, admins can view all end user screens to troubleshoot their issues from their browsers. Admins can even copy and paste text between their machine and the target machine to help investigate and resolve issues.

Get your fix with Remote Control

With the release of Automox Remote Control, we’re arming administrators with a single, cloud-native solution so they can automate endpoint management as well as quickly investigate and resolve one-off issues.

Our goal is to help IT teams delight their end users with near-instant Remote Control, from anywhere on earth.

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