email security Expands in India

email security Expands in India

Atlanta, USA & New Delhi, INDIA May 27, 2020 - SRC Cyber Solutions LLP, part of India-based family business chain with legacy of more than 80 years in traditional Manufacturing, Textile Exports and Service Industries today announced a strategic collaboration with IRONSCALES, a pioneer of self-learning email security. Through the partnership, SRC can now provide its customers in the Indian market with an innovative AI-based, self-learning next generation email siecurity platform with complete mailbox protection.

“Phishing and malicious email attacks are rapidly increasing, and organizations are not able to keep up with the newest trends. The traditional defenses are failing to detect these advanced threats in a Timely manner,"said Eyal Benisthi, IRONSCALES Founder & SCO.

“IRONSCALES provide mailbox-level email security to protect organizations from advanced BEC attacks while adding efficiencies for the security operations team. We are excited to work with SRC to offer a next generation of email security solution that prevents, detects and remediates these advanced attacks, supplementing well-needed support to IT teams,” Eyal continued.


With this collaboration, SRC’s Customers are benefitted by:

  • Complete mailbox security – anywhere, at all times (24/7)
  •  Added efficiency for security analysts as they will spend less time evaluating potential phishing attacks, chasing down false positives, and other tedious matters.
  •  A streamlined, all-in-one approach that will save them money, time and effort that would otherwise be lost to phishing attacks.
  •  Significantly reduced mean time to respond (MTTR) through human and machine integration.
  • Increased awareness amongst employees as they will be better equipped to recognize phishing attacks.

“A growing supporting demand has been witnessed in the current hyper-connected world for a complete new age email security solution protecting organizations from the sophisticated cyberattacks,” said Rohit Khandelwal, Designated Partner at SRC.

Rohit added: “Our in-depth strong corporate knowledge & extensive relationships in India, our partnership with IRONSCALES will provide a huge opportunity to our customers with a powerful detection and response”. He further added, “With this new alliance, SRC and IRONSCALES together will strengthen and deepen its operations with the Big4 Advisories, Value Added Distributors, Large IT Corporations headquartered in India.”

The collaboration has also appointed iValue InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd. as their Value-Added Distributor (VAD).

Our VAD, “iValue InfoSolutions” provides niche and customized technology services and solutions with the aim to protect, transform and optimize digital assets of organizations. It has 6,000+ customers through 700+ partners in the world. A premium technology enabler, iValue InfoSolutions has presence in 13+ locations across continents, and partnerships varying across OEM, consultant and global, national, regional, and local system integrators. Its collaborations and trusted partnerships have made it the leader of compelling and competitive services in the global market.


IRONSCALES is the future of phishing and malicious protection, incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit. We offer security professionals and end users an AI-driven, selflearning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to stop tomorrow ’s phishing and Vmalicious attacks today. Using the world’s most decentralized threat protection network, our platform accelerates the prevention, detection and remediation of phishing and malicious attacks already inside your email with threat removal times in seconds, not minutes or hours. We give organizations of all sizes complete anti-phishing and malicious protection against any type of atacks, right now.

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SRC Cyber Solutions LLP, with its recent entrance into the Cybersecurity Solutions and Training space in India partnering with Circadence USA for Online Simulation based Cyber Security Training and shortly introduction Micro-Segmentation with Zero Trust Security and high level End Point and Response Security. SRC will add more World’s Leading Technology Partners to their existing Cyber Security Solutions.


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