Email Security Expands Threat

Email Security Expands Threat

Email Security Expands Threat

EL AVIV, ISRAEL AND ATLANTA (PRWEB) JUNE 10, 2020 - Email Security, the pioneer of self-learning email security, today announced another industry’s first with Phishing Emulator™. Available to both current and prospective customers, this fully automated solution enables security professionals to evaluate their organization’s email security defenses by relaunching real-world, unmodified phishing attacks built to bypass secure email gateways and authentication protocols. Users can now emulate real-world phishing attacks to see weak points in their existing email security infrastructure in just minutes.


Traditional breach and attack simulators (BAS) almost always apply fictitious and outdated phishing scenarios. Unfortunately, this leaves organizations further exposed with a false sense of security around how well existing email security tools and protocols actually work. To address this hidden risk, Emulator automatically deploys real-word email phishing attacks, including business email compromise, impersonation and spoofing, ransomware and other malware, fake login pages and other phishing attack techniques, to help discover security technology gaps in near real time.


“With Phishing Emulator™, we are able to constantly test our technical controls and review any gaps,” says Elis Shlomo, Head of Global Security at Netafim. “Email Security is continuously innovating and that strengthens our confidence in utilizing their technology as they are always thinking a step ahead.”


“Many organizations put a lot of time and effort into training and retraining their employees on anti-phishing methods, but then overlook the importance of testing their technical email security defenses,” says Eyal Benishti, Email Security Founder and CEO. “It is no longer enough to test your email security infrastructure against threats from last month. Emulator plays a critical role in helping to test the effectiveness of your email security infrastructure right now, with current threats.”


Organizations around the globe use Email Security self-learning email security platform to get access to a global community of real security teams in real time from some of the world’s best SOC teams, who work together as a big virtual team to discover new threats or attacks. Phishing Emulator™ combines this sophisticated human intelligence with artificial intelligence to:


  • Automatically replay suspicious phishing threats in a safe environment to test the response of your security filters during a real phishing attack scenario;
  • Explore existing weaknesses in email security infrastructure that could lead to data breaches and malicious infiltration;
  • Generate reports in just minutes on security vulnerabilities, revealing the types of phishing emails that bypass email phishing defenses;
  •  Show security teams the software, hardware and policy improvements needed to protect against advanced threats.


Phishing Emulator™ is available now for all Microsoft Office 365 users. To test the effectiveness of your organization’s email security infrastructure, request your free assessment here. For more information about Email Security, visit https://www.Email or follow @ironscales on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Email Security is the future of phishing protection, incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit. We offer security professionals and end users an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today. Using the world’s most decentralized threat protection network, our platform accelerates the prevention, detection and remediation of phishing attacks already inside your email with threat removal times in seconds, not minutes or hours. We give organizations of all sizes complete anti-phishing protection against any type of phishing attack, right now. Visit to learn more about The Power of Now.


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