Release Notes - August 20, 2023

Release Notes - August 20, 2023

Release Notes - August 20, 2023


 About Release 77.00.00 

  • Document revision: A 

  • Release date: August 20, 2023 


Main features and enhancements 

This release includes an MSP option to add/edit a child company's trial/plan directly from the MSP Dashboard.



Content Summary 


This section lists the main functionality updates, features, and enhancements implemented in this release. 


(IC-26460) Add/edit a company's trial or plan from the MSP Dashboard 


To facilitate our partners and MSPs' POV activities, we have added an option to add and edit trials and plans directly from the MSP Dashboard. 

Please note that this option is only available for companies directly managed by your IRONSCALES tenant. 

Log in as your tenant's owner or admin, click the company's 3 dot button in the MSP dashboard, add/adjust the trial/plan in the Edit tenant dialog box, and confirm the action. 





In addition, the dialog box lists the company's add-ons and their statuses, allowing you to quickly see which add-ons they're using and troubleshoot issues.