About Release 56.00.00

About Release 56.00.00

About Release 56.00.00


About Release 56.00.00

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  • Release date: September 4, 2022

Main Features

This release includes some Simulation & Training and Incident Management enhancements, terminology updates, as well as some functionality updates and improvements.

Area Feature
Simulation & Training Updated Featured Groups in the Campaign Participants menu
Incidents Behavior alignment: Resolution Tags dropdown for all incident classifications
UI Terminology updates
Settings Option to verify the sender's email domain in IRONSCALES notification emails
Logging Added Account Takeover incident classifications to Activities log

Content Summary

This section lists the main functionality updates, features and enhancements implemented in this release.

(IC-19337) Updated 'Featured Groups' in the 'Campaign Participants' menu

Further to the addition of Security Awareness Training campaigns, we retitled some of the featured groups in the Campaign Participants menu to indicate that they apply to Phishing Simulation campaigns. We also took this opportunity to rearrange their order of appearance.


For example:

  • Never been targeted in a campaign > Never targeted by a Phishing Simulation campaign
  • Were not targeted last month > Hasn't received a Phishing Simulation campaign last month
  • Lured in the last 3 months > Lured by a Phishing Simulation campaign (last 3 months)

(IC-18973) Behavior alignment: 'Resolution Tags' dropdown for all incident classifications

The Resolution Tags dropdown available for incidents that have been classified as Phishing or Compromised is now available for Spam and Safe classifications.


(IC-18643, IC-19376) Terminology updates 

As part of our ongoing initiative to simplify the application and make it more intuitive to our customers, we made the following terminology changes and alignments:

  • Incidents tab's Manage and review instances > Manage and review emails
  • Phishing Simulation and Training > Simulation and Training
  • Advanced Threat Protection > Threat Protection
  • AI-Powered Incident Response > Incident Response
  • We've also aligned the titles of the settings pages. For example:
    • AI-Powered Response > Incident Response
    • Impersonation Protection Banners > Impersonation Protection
    • End-User > End-User Alerts
    • System > System Alerts

(IC-19367) Option to verify the sender's email domain in IRONSCALES notification emails

You can now verify the sender domain in IRONSCALES notification emails. This is done in the new CUSTOMIZE SENDER EMAIL DOMAIN section of the System Alerts settings page. For details, see System Alerts.


(IC-17569) Added Account Takeover incident classifications to 'Activities' log

To provide your SOC analysts with more clarity into your organization's security situation, IRONSCALES now logs Activities events whenever an Account Takeover incident is classified.

Fixed in this Version

The following key issues were fixed in this version:

# Issue Summary Details Reference
1. Wrong CSV sent to partner after manually syncing a customer's account

After a partner manually synced a customer’s account from the Partner's dashboard > Mailboxes > Upload / Sync page > Sync now button, the confirmation email they received contained a CSV with the partner’s information instead of the customer’s.


2. Inaccurate Campaign Results around Clicked participation data


3. Phishing Simulation emails end up in Junk folder Phishing Simulation campaign emails that had EML attachments were sent to the Junk folder instead of the inbox. This issue has been resolved. IC-17346
4. Mobile App automatically logs out SSO users Unexpected SSO login behavior with the IRONSCALES mobile App. The app would not remember SSO user credentials and log users out when they clicked the notifications. IC-18083
5. Auto-sync process stopped

(Google Workspace) The auto-sync process would try to sync corrupt groups, causing the process to fail.

6. [API] plans/domains - returns wrong company ID

When sending domains request for a company, the domains would be added/removed for the correct company, but the API would return the partner id in the company_id field.


Known Issues

For the up-to-date list, see Known Issues.

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