Product Release Notes v54.00.00

Product Release Notes v54.00.00

Product Release Notes v54.00.00


Product Release Notes v54.00.00

With the v54.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements and new features.

Trademark validation check for Calls To Action and Landing Pages

In compliance with the wishes and policies of other companies, Calls To Action and Landing Pages that contain known 3rd party trademarks and logos may be pulled down without prior notice. To avoid such inconveniences and potential campaign corruption, we've added an optional checkbox to all new Calls To Action and Landing Pages that runs a check for the banned words, phrases, and logos.trademark-validation-check-for-Calls-To-Action-and-Landing-Pages

Upon saving an asset that contains banned information, IRONSCALES will display this error message informing the asset creator of the potential issue:display-this-error-message-informing-the-asset-creator

Incorrect incident urgency indications

Incidents in the incident explorer would only display a Low urgency.incorrect-incident-urgency-indications

As part of this issue's resolution, we've also updated the urgency algorithm, as explained in the section Understanding the incident explorer section of the Incidents Tab Overview article.

Option to add resolution tags to Account Takeover incidents

To allow SOC analysts to document the reason behind the classification of an Account Takeover incident, analysts are now able to add resolution tags to these incidents, just as they do for email incidents.

The flow is as follows:

1. In the Incidents tab's Unclassified Incidents page, classify the incident.

2. Switch to the Classified Incidents page and search for the incident. The incident's details page has a Resolution Tags section.option-to-add-resolution-tags-to-Account-Takeover-incidents

3. Expand the section and select the suitable tag(s).expand-the-section-and-select-the-suitable-tag(s)

4. Click Apply.

Terminology change: 'AFFECTED MAILBOXES' section

After some thought, we've realized the term "affected mailboxes" may be a bit misleading since it's not the mailboxes we're clustering in the incident, but the emails received by folks in your organization. So, to avoid confusion, we've retitled the AFFECTED MAILBOXES section to EMAILS. For example:terminology-change-AFFECTED-MAILBOXES-section

SSO is now available for all customers and partners

With this release, all IRONSCALES customers and partners are entitled to use SSO integration for user logins. This change is effective immediately and applies to all existing as well as future affiliates. For details on SSO integrations, see Okta SSO Authentication or Azure AD SSO Authentication.

Localization - Spanish and Portuguese for alerts, inline messages & banners

Alerts and banners are now available in Spanish and Portuguese. In the Languages settings page, simply select the appropriate language and IRONSCALES will automatically translate the appropriate contents:

  • AI-Powered Incident Response: Inline messages in the AUTOMATED INCIDENT RESPONSE section
  • Impersonation Protection
  • End-users Alerts

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