Product Release Notes v60.00.00

Product Release Notes v60.00.00

Product Release Notes v60.00.00


We're pleased to announce the following improvements and new features included in the v60.00.00 release of IRONSCALES. Check them out below.

Start your Complete Protect trial in 3 simple clicks

We're happy to announce that you can now start a free 14-day Complete Protect trial directly from IRONSCALES in 3 simple clicks without the hassle of talking to our sales reps. Complete Protect is our premiere plan and features cool capabilities like Account Takeover protection, Microsoft Teams protection, Security Awareness Training campaigns, Wizer training content, and more. 


Configurable "Collection" period for Phishing Simulation campaigns

It is now possible to change the "Collection" period for Phishing Simulation campaigns. By default, the "Collection" period for Phishing Simulation campaigns has always been 7 days. This is the time in which IRONSCALES collects the campaign participation results (who read, failed, did the training, etc.).

In addition, we've taken this opportunity to improve the look & feel of the Campaign Setup screen, specifically around the Scheduling section.


"New" label for all newly added templates

At IRONSCALES, we routinely release new Phishing Simulation templates based on industry trends. To ensure visibility, the most recent and pertinent template releases are always marked with a New label and placed at the top of the Templates page.


And in the campaign setup's Templates screen:

The label only applies to new system templates (IRONSCALES-certified) and is displayed for 1 month.


Incident Explorer sorting button improvements

We've changed the default settings of the Incident Explorer's sorting button to display the content you're looking for on each page.

  • Unclassified Incidents page is sorted by Priority
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  • Classified Incidents is sorted by Creation Date
  • In addition, the pages now remember your last sorting selection per internet browser.

 Custom domain section is disabled if there's no verified domain

This release note relates to custom domains for Security Awareness Training campaigns. As a reminder, IRONSCALES allows you to define custom domains, which can be used as the sender of Security Awareness Training campaigns. This process requires first setting the custom domain and verifying that it has a CNAME in your domain's record, and specifying the custom sender address with the domain (in Simulation and Training - General).

The issue was that IRONSCALES admins could set the custom sender address even if there was no verified custom domain in the system, which caused confusion when the campaign sender did not work as expected. To fix this issue, the fields for setting the custom sender address are disabled.

For reference, the process for setting a custom sender address for training campaigns is as follows:

  1. Add a CNAME to your domain's DNS record.
  2. In the System Alerts settings page, specify the domain in the CUSTOMIZE SENDER EMAIL DOMAIN section and verify it.
  3. In the Simulation and Training General settings page, set the sender email address to be used with the custom domain.

Deprecated licensing APIs

The following licensing APIs have been deprecated and will no longer work:

  • /appapi/license/{company_id}

  • /appapi/license/{company_id}/set

  • /appapi/license/{company_id}/update

  • /appapi/license/{company_id}/cancel

  • /appapi/license/domains/{company_id}

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