New Strategic With Circadence

New Strategic With Circadence

New Strategic With Circadence


Boulder Colorado, USA and New Delhi, India – June 18, 2020 – SRC Cyber Solutions LLP announces new strategic partnership with Circadence. Circadence Corporation, is the pioneer of hands-on, gamified and self-evaluating online cyber learning that helps to build cybersecurity skills. SRC Cyber Solutions is part of an India-based family business chain with a legacy of more than 80 years in traditional Manufacturing, Textile Exports and Service Industries. Through the partnership, SRC Cyber Solutions can now provide its customers in the Indian market with an innovative Al-based, next generation cybersecurity learning platform, Project Ares®.


“With Circadence, we have added a new chapter of providing a high and world class training in the field of cyber security”. The gap will get full-filled now because we all know that in this ever- evolving cyber scenario, training is everything and would create huge employment opportunities” said Rohit Khandelwal, Designated Partner at SRC Cyber solutions.


The partnership was born out of the market demands and challenges currently facing the cybersecurity community, namely the shortage of skilled professionals who seek hands-on skills training to keep pace with evolving threats. Circadence has responded to these dynamic challenges by delivering its award-winning gamified training and learning platform, Project Ares. The online cyber range learning solution helps cyber operators build and advance in skills and competencies. The virtual range environment exercises are reflective of today’s cyberattacks so organizations can better prepare their cyber workforce. These cybersecurity challenges, coupled with a need for remote learning and work-from-home mandates, are touching enterprise, government and higher education customers, and is changing their approach to learning and how they ensure cyber security professionals are positioned for success. In this environment, partners such as SRC Cyber Solutions are critical to delivering a superior customer experience through a deep understanding of Circadence’s product and the cybersecurity landscape.


"Our partners are core to everything we do and a critical part of Circadence’s overall SaaS growth strategy,” said Wesley Knee, VP of Marketing and Creative Services. “Through strategic, collaborative relationships we can ensure mutual success by creating better customer experiences and driving greater adoption of the Project Ares cybersecurity platform in India. We look forward to working closely with SRC Solutions to mutually grow our business.”



SSRC Cyber Solutions LLP, with its recent entrance into the Cybersecurity Solutions and Training space in India partnering with CIRCADENCE CORPORATION, USA, for Online Simulation based Cyber Security Training, IRONSCALES with the POWER OF NOW for Email Security and shortly introduction Micro-Segmentation with Zero Trust Security and high-level End Point and Response Security. SRC will add more World's Leading Technology Partners to their existing Cyber Security Solutions. Please reach us at



Circadence® Corporation is a market leader in next-generation cybersecurity education and training. Powered by a culture of innovation and the demands of an evolving cyber landscape, Circadence offers cyber range solutions and cybersecurity training platforms that leverage artificial intelligence and custom content to address critical security challenges for enterprise, government, and academic institutions. Circadence’s solutions deliver persistent, immersive and true-to-life experiences that match and adapt to contemporary threat environments. Circadence is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information, visit


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