70% of companies report being a victim to advanced phishing attacks.

Phishing threats are constantly morphing at scale. Enterprises face the greatest dangers from unknown and non-signature-based email attacks that frequently slip through secure email gateways (SEGs).

Legacy anti-phishing tools fall short because they:

  • Struggle to detect and remediate malicious content or links that pass through traditional SEGs in users’ mailboxes
  • Require excessive manual effort and attention, which increases errors and cost
  • Do not detect polymorphic attacks, which they can’t remediate at scale
  • Leave gaps with limited point solutions that address only one vulnerability or threat
  • Lack automation and collaboration for fast, easy remediation once attacks occur

Introducing IRONSCALES

A Self-Learning Email Security Platform that Proactively Fights Phishing

IRONSCALES is a comprehensive, AI-powered email security platform. Our self-learning system helps where your email security is most vulnerable with post-delivery protection, detection, and remediation. Now you can defend against the full spectrum of phishing threats when and where they are most likely to cause damage, at the mailbox level.

Platform Features

Our platform helps your organization and security teams fight known and unknown attacks such as malware, ransomware, credential and social engineered theft, business email compromise (BEC), brand forgery, polymorphic and zero-day attacks


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The Platform Works In Real-Time, All The Time...(Without Writing A Single Script Or Rule) To...

Automatically scan malicious URLs and attachments on ALL inbound emails
Detect all types of email threats, even impersonation, and non-signature based BEC
Automatically render verdicts on suspicious emails and respond without full mailbox scans
Leverage thousands of analyst inputs at any moment, based on what’s happening now
Automatically claw back and cluster bad emails at scale – instantly
Interactively train each employee to think and act like a security pro, based on how they work


We are fast to deploy, simple to manage and highly effective in stopping all types of email attacks
We deliver email security in the mailbox and defend against modern email threats
We integrate both email security and awareness training into a single offering


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