Product Release Notes v61.00.00

Product Release Notes v61.00.00

Product Release Notes v61.00.00


We just launched the following improvements and new features in the v61.00.00 release of IRONSCALES

Campaign auto-select options use system templates

To ensure the quality of the content provided in auto-populated campaigns, the auto-select options in the campaign setup now only use templates that were created by IRONSCALES (indicated as "system"). Previously, the auto-select options would also pull community and customer-created templates, sometimes of lower quality and relevance.

Screenshot Campaign Auto-select Options Use System Templates

Incidents tab filtering enhancements ('Exclude' option)

The filters in the Classified Incidents and Unclassified Incidents pages now have an Excluded option, allowing you to quickly find incidents that DO NOT have a specific type of content (links, fake login, attachments, etc.).

Screenshot Incidents Tab Filtering Enhancements

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