Product Release Notes v63.00.00

Product Release Notes v63.00.00

Product Release Notes v63.00.00


With the v63.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements and new features:

Improved upgrade flow / Trial start confirmation

You can now initiate your own 14-day free trial of Complete Protect, our comprehensive security plan, or choose the "Contact Me" option to speak directly with one of our representatives from the IRONSCALES application.

Simply click the Upgrade option.

Product Release Notes v63.00.00 Simply click the Upgrade option

And click the appropriate button.

Product Release Notes v63.00.00 And click the appropriate button

Campaign "Save draft" option

Previously, there was no indication that you could save a campaign as a draft. The campaign draft window would simply pop up when you clicked exit.

Product Release Notes v63.00.00 Campaign Save draft option

To smooth out this flow, a Save draft button appears at the bottom of the campaign editor when you start changing details in a campaign.

Product Release Notes v63.00.00 Save draft button

Campaign Participants CSV now includes seconds

The Campaign Results > Campaign Participants CSV report now includes seconds in the date columns, allowing campaign editors to know the exact time users read, reported, or clicked the campaign.

Product Release Notes v63.00.00 Campaign Participants CSV now includes seconds

Endless scrolling support in the Incidents tab

Previously, the Classified Incidents and Unclassified Incidents pages only displayed the last 100 incidents, while the search and filters applied to all available incidents in the page. For usability purposes, this limit has been removed, allowing you to endlessly scroll through the incidents in the page you're on, displaying the next 20 incidents whenever you reach the bottom. Same as before, the search bar and filters apply to all the incidents on the page, not just the ones displayed.

Product Release Notes v63.00.00 Endless scrolling support in the Incidents tab

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