Ironscales Product Release Notes v67.00.00

Release Notes - March 19, 2023 : About Release 67.00.00

Release Notes - March 19, 2023 : About Release 67.00.00


As we head towards the end of February, we continue to strive forward with more features and automation making IRONSCALES more capable, automated, and User-Friendly. Once you log in, these new features will now appear on your Console.

With the 67.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvement and new features:




About Release 67.00.00

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  • Release date: March 19, 2023

Main features and enhancements

This release includes the following features and enhancements:

Content summary

This section lists the main functionality updates, features and enhancements implemented in this release.

(IC-22946) Recommended Campaigns for Security Awareness Training campaigns

Further to the recommended campaigns for Phishing Simulation campaigns we released in February, we're excited to announce the launch of recommended campaigns for Security Awareness Training campaigns. Same as the Phishing Simulation recommended campaigns, these recommended campaigns are a collection of IRONSCALES-crafted campaigns available to you at no cost. Featuring a 3-click setup and trendy contents, these campaigns will help enhance usability, reduce the time needed to launch, and bolster phishing awareness within your organization.

The recommended campaign's tile indicates the type (click to expand):

IC-23418) Show list of bounced or undelivered campaign emails

You can now effortlessly identify which of the campaign's simulation emails and SMS messages were not delivered to their respective participants with just one click. With this new capability, you can guarantee that everyone is properly trained by resending the campaign to those who didn't receive it, and quickly troubleshoot any technical issues.

  1. In the Campaign Results page, click the eye icon next to the "not delivered" indication.mceclip0__1_.png
  2. This will filter the Campaign Participants table accordingly, showing the participants that didn't get the campaign.mceclip3.png
  3. Optionally share this information with other stakeholders in your organization by downloading the CSV file.

(IC-22593) Incident Details: 'First Reporter' field enhancements

The Incident Details page's First Reporter field has been redesigned to more accurately reflect the cause of the incident's creation. Previously, all Machine Learning models were indicated by Impersonation Protection, causing confusion among customers. To improve clarity, we have separated the Impersonation Protection indication into two distinct indicators: Impersonation Protection for VIP impersonation attacks, and Automated Threat Detection for incidents generated by our other ML-enabled detection techniques.

Note: Other Impersonation Protection types (such as Domain Look-alike, Sender Address Spoofing, etc.) cannot single-handedly create incidents, so while these incidents may display an Impersonation banner, their First Reporter indication will reflect the model/user who created the incident.